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Through our unique combination of functional fitness and martial arts the Fit Kids curriculum increases physical activity levels and educates kids on their overall health and awareness of their body movement.

We don’t focus on any specific martial arts style, but rather we expose them to a variety of engaging physical activities and see what sparks their interest.

This class involves all age appropriate drills and activities that are built on a solid foundation of fundamental physical techniques.

As the kids’ skills and understandings of fundamental movements develop, the pace and intensity of the instruction increases.

Our unique style is designed to bring out the best in our students in a FUN, NON- COMPETITIVE environment. Positive reinforcement and encouragement serve as our most powerful teaching tools. Our structured program teaches the necessary fundamentals of overall fitness and exposer to martial arts in a stress free environment.

We’ve designed something very unique where we have taken the best from everything and put all together. While your kids learn about overall functional fitness, strength, and martial arts, they will also be taught the respect that comes with it, which encourages self-confidence!

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